The Toy Maker’s Son


By Francis Eugene Wood
Cover and photos by the author
Paperback, 188 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9829121-1-9

In this touching story, a crippled and fatherless boy, Peerless Gates, finds hope in his dream of a man who walks out of a blinding storm and into the lives of him and his mother. George Whitley has come home after losing his career to corporate downsizing. His father is ill, and his mother is concerned about the future and happiness of their only son. The Toy Maker’s Son is a heartwarming story that touches on the emotional compass that guides us all, no matter what the circumstances, to the most important thing we can share — family.

Award-winning author Francis Eugene Wood delivers yet another beautifully written story that compels us to look within and reflect on ourselves. It is this ability that makes the author stand out as a unique and persuasive storyteller.