Tackle Box Memories VI


By Francis Eugene Wood
Paperback, 110 pages
ISBN: 979-8-8316-0283-8

In this sixth volume of the Tackle Box Memories series, writer and outdoorsman Francis Wood delves into his early journals to help paint the picture of a boy born with wanderlust. You will follow him as a youngster sneaking away from his home to explore the woods, rivers and streams near where he lived in Southeastern Virginia. He explains the lure of the wild woods and mountains that urged him to leave the comforts of home and family in pursuit of adventure and new discoveries.

Whether you are floating down a river with the author on his pine-log raft or hunting rabbits and squirrels with his homemade bow and arrows, you are in for a joyride through the natural world as his knack for bringing the reader along on his journeys is part of his talent. Walk with him through the “spooky woods,” turkey hunt with him as he goes after “The Boss of the Pine Ridge,” or follow him after the timber doodles he loves to hunt. Stand with him as he gathers the tastiest berries from a blackberry patch frequented by bears.

You will not only enjoy Wood’s adventures but will perhaps recount some of your own. The author has often been quoted as saying, “I’m not climbing Mount Everest in my Tackle Box Memories series. I’m just telling the stories of my life in ways in which most folks can relate.”

Open this book now and walk with Wood where nature shares its secrets in quiet and often mysterious ways.