The Teardrop Fiddle


By Francis Eugene Wood
Illustrated by Robert W. McDermott
Paperback, 128 pages
ISBN: 0-9746372-4-6

A review from Marge Swayne, Social/Lifestyles Editor, The Farmville Herald:

In The Teardrop Fiddle Francis Wood takes the magic of a world not seen and weaves it through the events of everyday life. Wood’s latest book takes an up-close and personal look at Farmville and Southside Virginia in a story so poignant the “teardrop” in the title needs no explanation. As delicate but enduring as the butterflies that linger over the grave of a musically gifted young girl named Katie, the love of two aging parents reaches across time to another girl who shares the joy of playing the teardrop fiddle. A book about hope. The Teardrop Fiddle takes the reader to a special place where the music never ends.