The Stone Skipper


By Francis Eugene Wood
Paperback, 130 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9829121-6-4

The Stone Skipper is a story within a story, a shared narrative between two storytellers — a technique at which author Francis Eugene Wood excels. A chance meeting (or is it?) along the banks of the James River brings the author into the company of Bonaparte Raspin, a centurion river dweller and a storyteller’s dream. For Raspin has a tale to tell and the author is his chosen vessel to take you out of the present and into the past at a place called River Bend.

What readers are saying about Francis Wood’s The Stone Skipper:

“Wood is in his element with The Stone Skipper. He writes as if he is the shadow of Bonaparte Raspin himself. A short but great ride!”

“This story lured me away from my everyday life and into the close-knit friendships that formed in a place that might or might not have existed at all. The characters are so vivid in my mind that I feel that I knew them. Francis is without a doubt a storyteller’s dream!”

“The Stone Skipper is a great story with unexpected twists and turns. I found it intriguing and suspenseful. Another surefire hit from Francis.”