The SnowPeople


By Francis Eugene Wood
Illustrated by Dan Larsen
Paperback, 96 pages
ISBN: 0-9746372-0-3

Reader’s reactions to The SnowPeople:

“The SnowPeople is delightful from beginning to end.”

“I’ve collected Dan Larsen’s Snowpeople prints. Now, because of Francis Wood’s writing, I want to go to Winterville.”

“This author never fails to deliver.”

” I can’t wait for the movie!”

“The SnowPeople is a wonderful book for young and old.”

“I love the characters. I love the place. I love the story factory that is Francis Wood’s mind.”

“The children are going to love this book!”

“Winterville. So that’s where they go? Perfect.”

“Francis Wood and artist Dan Larsen have created something very special with The SnowPeople.”
About the Book:

Can you imagine a place where snow people go after they have melted away from your front yard? Winterville is that place. It is in an unmapped region and sheltered by high ridges and sweeping clouds. A place where the whims of the kindhearted are the rule of the day. Every day is Christmas in Winterville. Interesting characters abound in this snowy land. They frolic and dance along snow-covered lanes and share adventures only the young at heart can possibly entertain. The best of our spirits flow through the SnowPeople. You’ll read about pirates and trains and mysterious places. And perhaps you will recognize yourself in a snow character here or there.

A note from the author:

“When I was a very young boy I decided the snowmen in my yard needed a place to go after they melted away. Winterville was a good place to imagine. There, my snowy creations could carry on their lives in an acceptable climate where they could live forever. I imagined they would take a little of the spirit of their creator with them into this wonderland beyond the encroachment of men. Artist Dan Larsen must have been a kindred spirit for when he asked me to write stories about the SnowPeople he had been painting and marketing for several years, little did he know I had already imagined their home. His request gave me a chance to go to this whimsical place of my youth. I thoroughly enjoyed writing these stories and working with Dan on this project. I hope all of you will see that in Winterville all that you can imagine is possible.”
The Artist:

Dan Larsen is the son of famed political cartoonist Chic Larsen. He is quickly becoming a very respected and much-collected Virginia artist. Whether painting his impressions of wildlife or the quiet stillness of life along the river, Dan engages himself wholeheartedly. His respect for nature and his zest for life are reflected in his art. The SnowPeople is Dan’s first attempt at book illustration. His attention to detail and his ability to produce the author’s words in ink and on canvas are certainly an indication that this team will work together again.