The Nipkins Vol. III


By Francis Eugene Wood
Illustrated by Robert W. McDermott
Paperback, 162 pages
ISBN: 0-9657047-9-3

What the readers are saying about the book:

“This is not just a great book, it’s American literature.”
“A true classic.”
“I choose my steps more carefully now when I walk in the woods.”
“I have a new respect for nature after having read Mr. Wood’s Nipkins.”
“Exciting and beautifully written.”


About the story:

In this, the third volume of The Nipkins, you will come to know Shala, Sora, Gillipus and the woodsman in ways that will endear them to you. There is great adventure and a good amount of soul searching as the old man and the characters he tells of journey through the wilderness in search of a new home.


Note from the author:

The Nipkins had to be written. Their stories and adventures had been in my mind and heart for so many years that when it finally came time to write about the little people of the forests I could not find enough hours in the day to finish. The actual writing of The Nipkins took two-and-a-half years to complete. I spent another eight years editing the original six hundred pages of manuscript until it was brought into the current trilogy. Over the years I have often been asked where it all came from. I cannot answer such a broad question with a simple reply. I can say that I heard it in whispers and saw it in a place where I have found refuge for the whole of my life. I would liken it to grasping musical notes from the air or finding the true end of a rainbow.  This is perhaps evasive, but it is the best I can do. You see, The Nipkins came to me as all of my stories have. They are mysterious gifts left at the door of my imagination. Every minute of my life writes another chapter.


The Artist:

Robert W. McDermott has lent his artistic touch to The Nipkins through three volumes. His work is interpretive, imaginative and vastly creative. Francis Wood has often said that Bob was the one artist he was looking for to paint and illustrate his Nipkins. “He should be an award-winning artist,” the author says, “known by all. But he is quiet and modest and walks away from the limelight.”

Bob lives alone in Keysville, Virginia, where he takes his walks and draws his beautiful pictures.