The Nipkins Vol. II


By Francis Eugene Wood
Illustrated by Robert W. McDermott
Paperback, 140 pages
ISBN: 0-9657047-8-5



“A true Classic,” “Imaginative and beautifully written,” “Unforgettable characters,” and “A masterpiece from a unique and most prolific writer.”  These are the praises offered by readers of The Nipkins by Francis Eugene Wood.


About the story:

In this second volume of The Nipkins, the author shares the exploits of the minute and lovable forest dwellers. His love and respect for nature comes to life through the words of the old woodsman, a wise and trusted friend of the Nipkins. Their stories and adventures will touch the hearts and ignite the imaginations of young and old. Readers will follow the woodsman as he travels to a sacred place where the mystery of the Liddygidds is revealed. You will also learn the story of the reclusive tribe of Nipkins known as The Bark Dwellers or Barkies. Get ready for all the magic, mystery and adventure of The Nipkins. Its a journey you will never forget.


Note from the author:

I cannot tell you the joy The Nipkins has given me over the years or explain the sorrow I felt when I finished writing the book.  It has been a dream come true for me. You see, I saw my first Nipkin when I was only six years old. For a number of years I thought it should be a secret until a very old Cherokee Indian confirmed what I had seen. It was after this chance meeting in The Great Smoky Mountains that I began sharing stories about the “little ones” of the forests. And then only with trusted friends and family. My children grew up knowing the Nipkins were always present and very close to their father wherever he was. They knew the “little ones” protected all of those people who love and respect nature. I have seen what the Native Americans know to be. And I urge you to listen, for there is something in the forest.


The artist:

Bob McDermott is one of the most talented artists I have known. We have worked on several books together and I am always amazed at his ability to draw the pictures of my mind. I met him by chance but we share much in common and I know we were destined to  produce this series of stories about the little tribes of people who are so dear to my heart.