The Crystal Rose


By Francis Eugene Wood
Paperback, 116 pages
ISBN: 0-9657047-3-4

Available on Kindle


About the book:

The Crystal Rose is a collection of short stories that are joined by a recurring theme. The crystal rose is the physical symbol of the theme that provides transition from one story to the next. When the message of the crystal rose is experienced by a holder, the rose is given to another person who needs to discover the secret that it holds.

The writer is the “storyteller” of the book and he receives a gift from a stranger. The gift is a crystal rose of exquisite workmanship and beauty. It is stored in an antique wooden box. In a series of dreams, the storyteller learns the provenance and the history of the crystal rose. No one is truly the owner of the rose. Only when the holder finds that he can give it away will he have discovered the secret of its beauty. Each chapter is the story of a holder of the rose as it travels from father to daughter; wife to husband; captain to soldier; from a daughter to her terminally ill mother; lover to lover; mentor to poet. The message is always the same: “Love held within one’s heart is but a stifled emotion. Free it, and it will shine in every soul it touches.”


What readers are saying about The Crystal Rose and its author:

The Crystal Rose is a must read! A special book.”

“Superb stories from a unique storyteller. Thank you, Francis, The Crystal Rose is a treasure!”

“I laughed and I cried. Francis Wood draws you quickly into his stories and touches your heart in silent and often forgotten places. Keep the tissues handy.”

The Crystal Rose is a beautiful book. I have read it twice and will read it more. There are things in it that must be remembered.”

“I felt like I knew the characters in these stories. The Crystal Rose is a true gift from a gifted author.”

“There is something in The Crystal Rose that we all must be reminded of. It’s about unselfish love. These stories have made me think a lot about those dear to me.”

“We have a special place on the bookshelf for Francis Wood’s stories. I will proudly put The Crystal Rose there.”

“I can’t choose a favorite story from The Crystal Rose. I love them all.”


Note from the author:

“I have often been asked if my stories are inspired. Well, the answer is yes. And The Crystal Rose is certainly an example of an inspired work from beginning to end. Even I did not realize the importance of its message until I had written it all down. The writing of this book was effortless on my part, which I believe is the result of true inspiration. The book is a gift of love.