By Francis Eugene Wood
Cover by Eldridge Bagley
Paperback, 192 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9746372-9-7


WHERE THERE IS BEAUTY there is hope. Where there is mystery there is truth. Daniel Taylor found them both in the promise of a legend and the faith of his heart.


What the readers are saying about Francis Wood’s Sunflower:

“Sunflower is a beautifully written story that shines its hope on a world that is troubling us all.”

“Timely and endearing. Wood has reached deep within himself to bring about this gem of a story.”

“Stunningly poignant. I cannot stop thinking about it.”

“Absolutely wonderful! The theme expressed in Wood’s story is what the world desperately needs.”

“Sunflower is some book! The author has quite a far-reaching imagination and an ability to make the unbelievable become believable.”