Return to Winterville


By Francis Eugene Wood
Illustrated by Dan Larson
Paperback, 96 pages
ISBN: 0-9746372-1-1

Reader’s reactions to RETURN TO WINTERVILLE:

“Okay, I want specific directions to Winterville.”

“Beautiful. Funny. RETURN TO WINTERVILLE has all the right stuff.”

“Wood and Larsen are a winning combination.”

“Where does this all come from? Oh, Yes, Winterville.”

“I thought this would be great for the grandchildren. But I’m 68, and I love it as much as they do.”

“This has Disney written all over it. Great!”

About the book:

In a place called Winterville each day is like Christmas. But its not always decorating the tree and opening gifts. Its the everyday lives and adventures of the Snow people who live there. Frosty beings who bring a little of the spirit of their maker with them when they first appear in the evergreen forest in the mountains above the town that will become their home. In RETURN TO WINTERVILLE, you will come to better know Old Frostbite, the kind soul who welcomes the new arrivals and introduces them to their new surroundings. You will get to know Windy Whistler, Annie Snowkly, Deadeye Bill and the Well-Mixed Rangers. And you will accompany the Snow Rangers on a daring rescue mission in a blinding blizzard. There’s plenty of action and much to ponder when you step into Winterville. You might even wish to remain there for a while.

A note from the author:

I could hardly wait for January of last year when I would be able to return to Winterville and see how my friends were doing. I met some new characters this time and came away hoping for another visit.
Reader reaction to The SnowPeople series has been overwhelming. And that’s just what artist Dan Larsen and I were hoping for. It gathered some awards and a whole lot of folks who seem to be pretty interested in the goings on of frosty characters in a land for to the north in an unmapped region. Actually, its not really hard to get there. All one has to do is shed off the worries of the day and open the door of imagination. The hinges might be a little rusty for some but a couple of visits to Winterville will make the door swing open freely.
Now if you have any trouble believeing what you read in RETURN TO WINTERVILLE, then check your imagination and refer to book one. You see, In Winterville anything is possible.

The Artist:

Virginia artist Dan Larsen, is the son of famed political cartoonist, Chic Larsen. His work has been hailed as “unique” and “imaginative”. Whether painting a river scene or SnowPeople his eye for detail is uncanny.
Dan produced over fifty paintings and illustrations for RETURN TO WINTERVILLE.  Author Francis Wood, who wrote and published the book through his Tip-of-the-Moon Publishing Company, says, “Dan didn’t just draw the pictures my words conjured. He actually went to Winterville with me. His work is the evidence.”