Return to Iron Bridge Road


When Sky Owen gets off the bus in Lawrenceville Virginia, after serving his country in Vietnam, he tells himself that it is only for a quick visit in his hometown and to see a horse at Brunswick Hall Plantation. Little did he know that a rumor that he had been killed in action preceded his arrival and complicated the life of the girl he had loved since childhood. 

Hannah Ashley had been so distraught by an attempted rape and the news that Sky was gone from her life that she allowed her dad to maneuver her into an arranged marriage with a man who was not at all as he first appeared. Beck Whitfield was a dangerous man and was determined to stop at nothing in his effort to get her back once she had left him. 

Hannah has no idea that Sky has returned until she sees him riding the black stallion he calls Gunege at the plantation. That rejuvenates their love for one another and brings Beck’s wrath down on the entire Ashley family. The small town of Lawrenceville and the historic Brunswick Hall Plantation are the perfect backdrop for this family saga and the two lovers who are swept by destiny.