By Francis Eugene Wood
Cover Photo by Francis Eugene Wood
Paperback, 188 pages
ISBN: 0-9746372-8-9


A young woman follows her heart to a small town in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia and begins to unlock the secrets that surround the man she is destined to love. Little does she know that evil waits in the shadows for the opportunity to destroy her one desire.


What the readers are saying about Francis Wood’s Moonglow:

“Moonglow is a riveting page-turner for all who read it!”

“This multilayered story of two generations, their aspirations, conflicts, secrets, and the ties that bound them is another milestone along the literary path of one of Virginia’s finest storytellers.”

“Wood’s mature story carries the strong message of goodness and hope that is so typical of his works.”

“Rich, real characters are the strong skeleton on which the events of Moonglow are crafted. Who better to tell their story than Francis Wood?”

“…a captivating and memorable read from start to finish.”

“…a well-written and engaging story. Moonglow will be placed on the bookshelf alongside my favorites.