Lore, Lies & Legends


By Francis Eugene Wood
Paperback, 70 pages
ISBN: 978-1-7326618-1-3

Author Francis Eugene Wood has been entertaining readers with his stories for over twenty years. His vivid imagination teamed with a unique insight of human nature and a life-long love affair with the natural world has afforded him a seemingly endless cache of storylines.

His ability to draw his readers into his imaginings is a gift he honed during a lifetime of sharing porch and campfire tales with his family and friends.

There is a thin line between his fictional and non-fictional stories as he possesses a flair for blending the two with believable results.

In this collection of short stories, you will take a front row seat as the author introduces you to some unforgettable characters he has known. You will come face to face with raging bears and a most unusual groundhog. You will witness an escape from Indians by two children in a pumpkin boat. You will be awed by the physical strength of one man and the mysterious presence of another. You will sit with the author as he relates an eerie tale told to him by an old wino named Pompey Williams. And, you will have a seat on a bean bucket in the shade of a willow tree while the author’s grandfather relates the story of a snake and a hen.
So curl up with this book and open the door to your imagination. It’s going to be an escape from reality worth taking.