Journey Through a Rainbow


By Francis Eugene Wood
Paperback, 152 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9829121-0-2

What the readers are saying about Francis Eugene Wood’s Journey Through a Rainbow:

Journey Through a Rainbow is one of those timeless stories, like The Little Prince, that can be enjoyed on several levels by readers of all ages. It has a just-right mix of real life and fantasy, of good and evil, of action/adventure and philosophical musings all woven into a timely narrative about a serious issue in American schools today—bullying. While his earthly life hangs in the balance, a victim of cruelty by his tormentors, Theodore Clatterbuck is taken on an extraordinary spiritual voyage through the seven layers of a rainbow that offers deep insights into the causes and possibly solutions to this complex social issue. I found it both a page-turner in following the suspense and fast-paced action, and thought provoking as it delves into questions of reality and moral values.”

“To even imagine a journey of epic proportions through the different ‘seas’ of the rainbow requires an extraordinary imagination, but to make it seem so plausible and real is the mark of a master storyteller. Journey Through a Rainbow is just brilliant, I say, brilliant!”

“This story is tailor-made for film. What an incredible movie it would make!”

“A modern classic from an incredibly imaginative storyteller.”