Autumn’s Reunion


By Francis Eugene Wood
Illustrated by Robert W. McDermott
Paperback, 48 pages
ISBN: 0-9746372-2-X


In Autumn’s Reunion, Francis Wood brings the reader into the charming “old home place” in the woods of Autumn and Anna Moon as their family comes together for a Thanksgiving reunion. Autumn has chosen this gathering to reveal to his family a story of hardship and suffering that he has held secret for years. His amazing story reinforces the love of his family, and is a reminder that no sorrow is without hope. Wrap yourself up in a warm, country quilt, sit by a fire and sip apple cider as you read this truly American Thanksgiving story.
Marcella Parsons, Managing Editor, ARose Books

Francis Wood has a well-earned reputation for touching us deeply with his heartfelt and inspiring stories. Virginia’s favorite storyteller certainly has done it again with Autumn’s Reunion, centered around the holiday of Thanksgiving. Once again, Francis brings us inside his eloquently articulated tale. As the story unfolds, our senses are engulfed in a devastatingly traumatic moment in time and in precious holiday memories so vivid we can almost picture them as our own. Autumn’s Reunion left me with a tear on my cheek and a renewed gratitude for the extraordinary intensity of an ordinary touch, a simple smile and the chaos of a holiday meal.
Donna Bernard, Pulbisher, Celebrating Virginia Magazines; author

A note from the author:

For years I have thought that Thanksgiving has been relegated to that day before the Christmas rush begins. Thankfully, so far marketers have not been able to commercialize it beyond turkey bargains and prepared Thanksgiving meals.

In this story the readers get a sense of the real meaning of the holiday in ways that will not be unknown to them. There is the family get-together and the house everyone wants to come to. And, of course, there is the story within a story told by a man who has something of importance to share.

Autumn’s Reunion has been on my mind for a long time. But it came from my heart.

The Artist:

Robert W. McDermott lives in Keysville Virginia where he is well-known for his wit and talent as an artist. His self-pinned and illustrated holiday and birthday cards are both loved and anticipated by all who are lucky enough to be on his “card list” each year. Bob is a retired radio broadcasting veteran.

He has supplied the covers and illustrations for six of Francis Wood’s books over the years.