The Enchantment of Nebulon Grey


By Francis Eugene Wood
Paperback, 188 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9829121-2-6

When Captain Tyler Grey purchased Lone Oak Island in the 1890s, he imagined it a paradisal sanctuary for him and his family, a place apart from a world wrought with strife and unrest. But it could never be his home, for life had driven a wedge into his heart that would separate him from those he loved. Yet the island — and destiny — would guide the inhabitants into realms beyond his imagination.

Listen attentively as Jane Grey Mendleson, the daughter of the captain, shares her family’s history and secrets through a book she has written for her daughter, Emily. As the story of Nebulon Grey unfolds, the mystery of why there are no graves on Lone Oak Island is revealed.

The Enchantment of Nebulon Grey is a multi-dimensional story that builds on the richness of its characters, their complexities and passions. But above all, it is a love story.