Tackle Box Memories


By Francis Eugene Wood
Photos by the Author
Paperback, 85 pages
ISBN: 0-9746372-7-0


With his Tackle Box Memories author Francis Wood relates some of his adventurous past while growing up in Brunswick County, Virginia. An old wooden tackle box holds the keys (fishing lures, photos and journals) to his adventures, which took place from 1959 through 1971. Readers will follow Wood through snake-infested forests and champion him in his persuits of big fish, drunk birds and mysterious legends. A night of terror in a blackened wood is told with amazing recall. This book will evoke memories while making readers long for simpler days. Tackle Box Memories is also a tribute to the author’s father.

“The Meherrin River in Brunswick County is now included in the Virginia Scenic River System. The Historic Gholson Bridge spans the river near where the author spent his early years at the gatehouse on Brunswick Plantation. Francis Wood’s stories are a part of the rich historic region he grew up in.”